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Man: Hi, it's a bit crowded in here.

Woman: Yes, it's always like this on the first night of the conference. Is this your first time attending?

Man: Yes, it is. By the way, I'm Dan Morimoto.

Woman: I'm Gwen Renault. Were you here this morning for the opening keynote? I thought the speaker was excellent.

Man: No, unfortunately, I didn't arrive to the venue until late morning. Luckily, I pre-registered and just had to pick up my registration packet, so I was able to catch the luncheon speaker and she was very good.

Woman: You know, I attended a really interesting session this afternoon on ethics in the profession. It was a panel discussion and there was some lively debate. The luncheon speaker, Stephanie Morse, presented some of her findings from her new ground-breaking study.

Man: I'm sorry I missed it. It sounds interesting. Do you plan on staying for the duration of the conference?

Woman: No, I'm afraid I have to leave early tomorrow. Will you excuse me? I see a colleague of mine over there and I'd like to say hello.

Man: Oh, sure. It was nice meeting you.

Woman: Yes, you too.

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