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Jeff: What were you and Richard talking about earlier? It looked intense.

Lucy: Yeah, Richard said something to me that I didn't appreciate.

Jeff: Oh, no. I know how insensitive he can be. What has he done now?

Lucy: He asked me how long it took me to learn English.

Jeff: But, you were born and raised in California!

Lucy: Yeah, but I get that sometimes. It doesn't matter how many generations my family has lived in the U.S., we'll always be foreigners in their eyes.

Jeff: What a racist! How can you stand working with the guy?

Lucy: You know, Richard isn't such a bad guy. He made the comment out of ignorance, not malice.

Jeff: So, what did you say when he asked you how long it took you to learn English?

Lucy: I told him 28 years. And, he knows I'm 28 years old since I just celebrated my birthday last week. He was puzzled for a minute, and then he got it.

Jeff: Are you sure he really got the message?

Lucy: Yeah, I'm pretty sure since I then asked him how long it took him to learn English.

Jeff: That's hilarious! What did he say?

Lucy: He said, "36 years," and we both laughed about it. He apologized and now, it's all good.

Jeff: I'm glad. I bet he won't make that mistake again.

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