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Marco: Hello.

Claudia: Hey, Marco? It's Claudia. Got a minute?

Marco: Sure. What's up?

Claudia: I'm just wondering what's going on with you and Beth. Are you guys still going out?

Marco: We went out for a while, but we never got serious. Why all the questions? Are you interested in Beth?

Claudia: (Laughs) No, I'm not interested but Shane is. He's been asking me about you guys. He wants to ask her out but he didn't know whether you guys were still together, or how you'd feel about him asking out your ex.

Marco: Why didn't he just ask me? Beth and I were casual and we haven't seen each other in months. He should go for it.

Claudia: Okay, I'll tell him. So, if you're not going out with Beth, who's the new girl?

Marco: Wouldn't you like to know. Actually, I've been seeing a great girl. I'm bringing her to the party on Saturday. You'll meet her then.

Claudia: Great. I'm bringing Lenny so you'll get to meet him, too. See you Saturday.

Marco: See ya.

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