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Leti: I am sick and tired of people coming from the big cities into our small town and buying up all of the houses and acting like they own the place.

George: This is a dying town and it needs fresh blood. I don’t hear the business owners complaining about the new infusion of money into the town.

Leti: Oh, yeah? Well, the flip side is that their spending is jacking up prices and making it harder for the families who have lived here for generations.

George: The times are changing and we need to adapt.

Leti: I say that the newcomers are the ones who need to adapt. After all, they’re moving to our town.

George: With that kind of us against them mentality, there may be a day when you succeed in driving out those newcomers.

Leti: I look forward to that day.

George: All I have to say is beware what you wish for!

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