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Jin: Did you hear what happened to McQ Corp?

Dina: No, what?

Jin: Hackers were able to get unauthorized access to its computer systems and cause a lot of problems over the weekend. They destroyed data and rendered the system unusable. In fact, the entire system crashed.

Dina: I hadn’t heard that. Why McQ Corp?

Jin: Well, the company announced last week that it had implemented new security measures, which made their systems impenetrable.

Dina: Ah, that explains it. Making an announcement like that is like issuing a challenge.

Jin: Yeah, it was definitely a challenge. I bet a lot hackers were trying to breach those security measures, just to show that it could be done. One of them certainly found the system’s vulnerabilities and exploited them.

Dina: What was McQ Corp thinking? They’ve had problems in the past with hackers and then they issue this challenge. I say that it serves them right!

Jin: They shouldn’t have bragged about their new security measures, but those hackers caused a lot of damage.

Dina: I bet McQ Corp learned its lesson: Don’t wave a red flag in front of a bull!

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