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Vince: That’s it! I’ve had it with Daniel defying me at every turn. I want him to follow in my footsteps and study law, but he wants to be an artist. He dates girls I don’t approve of. But this! This is beyond the bounds of what I’ll tolerate.

Alana: I know you’re upset, but don’t do anything rash. I’m sure Daniel didn’t mean what he said.

Vince: Oh, he meant it. That’s it! I’m disowning and disinheriting him.

Alana: I’m sure you don’t mean that. You both spoke in anger. I’m sure a cooling-off period of a few days will change his mind.

Vince: It’ll be too late. I’m cutting him out of my will tomorrow. I have other descendants who’ll appreciate inheriting my money and property.

Alana: But Daniel is your rightful heir. He’s your only child.

Vince: Then he should have known how his hateful words would hurt me.

Alana: What did he say exactly?

Vince: He said he has become a San Francisco Giants fan. A Giants fan!

Alana: That’s it?

Vince: That’s it?! He’s wounded me to the core!

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