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Celeste: Did the mail come?

Anwar: Yes, you got some letters and a package.

Celeste: Oh, I hope that one of those envelopes has the photos Naomi promised us. Did you notice the postmark?

Anwar: No, but they’re sitting in the hall.

Celeste: Those photos are overdue and should have been delivered days ago. Naomi thought she might not have put enough postage on the envelope, but I thought it must have been misdelivered.

Anwar: You can look at it yourself. The package you received was sent using overnight delivery.

Celeste: I wonder who sent it and why they sent it using expedited service.

Anwar: I don’t know. Why don’t you go look?

Celeste: I wonder if there’s anything perishable in it or that’s time- sensitive in some way.

Anwar: I have no idea. There’s also a letter that’s been forwarded from our old address that has delivery confirmation.

Celeste: Oh, I wonder what that could be.

Anwar: You know what?

Celeste: What?

Anwar: All of those mysteries can be solved if you just go and open your mail.

Celeste: I know, but isn’t it more fun to speculate?

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