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Vanessa: [gasps] What happened to my computer overnight? This can’t be my computer.

Reza: It is. The tech guys installed a new operating system on all of the computers after hours.

Vanessa: But my desktop looks completely different. Where is the menu bar? I don’t know how to open any of myapplications.

Reza: You’ll have to get used to a completely different user interface. It’s been completely revamped.

Vanessa: But I had the old operating system customized with special settings.

Reza: Well, those settings are gone. You’ll have to start over.

Vanessa: I don’t even know where to begin.

Reza: With this new operating system, you’re supposed to navigate around using those icons. They’re supposed to make multitasking easier by allowing you to minimize and maximize applications more quickly.

Vanessa: How can that be when I don’t know what any of the icons represent?

Reza: Search me. Here’s one of the tech guys now. You can ask him all your questions.

Vanessa: I only have one.

Reza: Only one?

Vanessa: Yes. Can he restore my old operating system?

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