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Every day I feel more and more overwhelmed by email. Once I turn on my computer and look at my inbox, I get sucked into reading and responding toemails.

I have a personal email account and an email account for work. With my work email, I try to take an organized approach. I scan each email looking at thesender and subject line, and delete the ones I don’t need or want. With the remaining ones, I archive some, file others for future reading, and write replies to the rest. I’ve set up templates for the routine emails, but spend a lot of time drafting personalized responses to the rest. That takes up a large part of my workday.

When reading my personal email, I take my time. Yes, I get the usual junk that slips through the spam filters and get newsletters I keep meaning to unsubscribe from, but people who have my personal email address are mainly friends and family.

When I’m done and I look at the clock, I’m often surprised at how much time I’ve spent processing email. That’s time I could have been spending working on my Celine Dion impression.

“Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on...”

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