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Sonia: What is all this?

Paul: These are entry forms and materials for our new store promotions and giveaways.

Sonia: What prizes can people win?

Paul: There are different kinds, because we’re running several promotions at once. We have scratch-off cards to win instant prizes, including t-shirts.

Sonia: Those t-shirts are really nice. I’d like one of those.

Paul: We also have a collect-and-win game. People collect codes printed on our products. When they’ve collected a certain number, they win gift certificates to spend in our store.

Sonia: Wow, that’s great. I’d like a gift certificate.

Paul: We also have a sweepstake. Enter to win one of three grand prizes: a TV, a Hawaiian vacation, and a brand new car!

Sonia: Wow, I definitely want one of those.

Paul: Do you know what you can do to win?

Sonia: No, what?

Paul: Quit your job. The rules say that employees and their families are not eligible.

Sonia: I don’t suppose I can find a way around that.

Paul: Not unless you’re considering divorcing your husband or disowning your children.

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