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Explanation begins at: 3:33

Normal Speed begins at: 16:33

Virginia: Hand me that screwdriver, will you?

Alonso: Don’t tell me you’re trying to fix that dryer yourself. We need to call in an authorized repairman or repairwoman.

Virginia: Do you have any idea what they’ll charge?

Alonso: All right, then I’ll call a handyman and see if he knows anything about fixing dryers.

Virginia: If he doesn’t, he might make matters worse. I think it’s just a matter of clearing a clog or replacing a worn component.

Alonso: Yes, but which one? We should just upgrade to a newer model.

Virginia: This dryer does not need to be replaced. It’s not that old.

Alonso: But it’s been on the fritz on and off for a year.

Virginia: I don’t want to throw out a perfectly good appliance just because of a minor problem.

Alonso: Well, this “minor problem” is the reason I had to walk to work in damp clothes this morning.

Virginia: That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Alonso: In the middle of winter?! You try walking with icicles in the most uncomfortable places!

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