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Max: Hello, hello, is this call-in tech support?

Grace: Yes, my name is Grace and this is the help desk. How can I help you today?

Max: I’m having a problem with my machine and I don’t know what to do.

Grace: Have you tried reading our online troubleshooting guide or asking your question on the support forum?

Max: The what?

Grace: Never mind. Can you describe the problem you’re having?

Max: It doesn’t work.

Grace: I understand that. What exactly is the malfunction?

Max: It’s not working.

Grace: For me to diagnose whether it’s a software or hardware problem, I’ll need more information. Unfortunately, I can’t repair it remotely.

Max: Okay, I understand.

Grace: Good. We offer all kinds of support, from setup to customization to disaster recovery, but I can’t do anything if I don’t understand the problem.

Max: Okay.

Grace: Could you walk me through what happens when you turn on the machine?

Max: Nothing.

Grace: Nothing? Nothing at all?

Max: Zip, zilch, zero.

Grace: Sir, is the machine plugged in?

Max: Oh, it needs to be plugged in?

Grace: [sigh]

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