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Thomas: What do you think of my creations?

Celeste: These are… interesting?

Thomas: They’re part of my new product line to be sold under my own label.

Celeste: Really?

Thomas: Yeah, I’m jumping in with both feet. Everybody advised me to get my feet wet by licensing a collection, but I don’t want to sell under someone else’s brand.

Celeste: I thought you started all this by doing custom work.

Thomas: I did, but I’m ready to produce an entire line I’ve designed according to my vision, not work to a client’s specs.

Celeste: I can understand that. Will you be selling to trade or retail customers?

Thomas: Retail. I plan to have showrooms in every major city. See? This is a sample of our product catalog.

Celeste: I see. Your products look high-end, but they’re intended for the mass market.

Thomas: That’s right. Do you want to take home a sample?

Celeste: Um, I guess so. I’d never considered using anything like that.

Thomas: Once you sit on a designer toilet seat, you’ll never go back!

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