How to Create and Link a Account to your Unlimited English Membership

1. You need a account to use our iOS app. But don't worry! It is free and takes just three minutes to set up.

Start by going to the signup page here.

Enter your full name, then enter the same email address and password you used to sign up for your ESLPod Unlimited English Membership.
Check the "I agree..." box and then click on Create Account.

2. Next you will see this page of questions. Don't answer the questions - just click on the Next button on the bottom of the page.

3. Next you will see this page about "your" school. Don't worry - you do not need to do anything with this page. Just open a new tab in your browser.

4. In the new tab/page, go to our school's page and click on the Login link in the top, right of the page.

5. Log in to your account with your email and password.

6. Then click on the (1) circle on the top, right of the page, and click on (2) Edit Profile in the menu.

7. Go to the box that says "Linked Accounts." Click on the Link.

8. Next you will see a screen asking you to authorize (say "yes") to to link your accounts. Click on the Authorize button.

9. Done! You will see that your ESLPod Unlimited English account and your new account are linked on your Profile page (the "Link" is changed to "Unlink").

(You do not need to worry about this free account now - you won't use it for anything else or need to log in to it again.)

10. Go to "How to Use the iPhone/iPad for Unlimited English" for instructions on how to login and use the iOS app.