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Bruno: Hey, what are you doing? Give me back that remote!

Tamara: The movie I want to watch is on right now. Do you mind?

Bruno: Of course I mind! I’m watching the playoffs. Can’t you see that?

Tamara: The playoffs? Oh, I’ll watch with you.

Bruno: You? You don’t know anything about sports.

Tamara: It doesn’t matter. I always root for the underdog. Our team will be victorious! Go team!

Bruno: Fine, but I’m rooting for the other team. Let’s just watch the game, okay?

Tamara: Your team is going to get pounded. We will be the champions!

Bruno: Please, can I just watch this game in peace? I’ve been waiting for it all season.

Tamara: Oooh, somebody is a little testy. I think it’s because you know you’re backing a losing team. You can’t stand being on the losing side. Am I right? Your players are running scared already. I can tell.

Bruno: I’m just trying to follow the game.

Tamara: Look at that! Your best player just choked. How could he have missed such an easy shot?

Bruno: If you don’t be quiet, I’ll show you what it feels like to get choked!

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