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Nick: The possibilities are endless! You have to take advantage of being at the height of your career.

Jessica: I don’t know about lending my name to a celebrity product line. Wouldn’t people think I was selling out?

Nick: Of course not. Most celebrities do it nowadays. People expect you to leverage your fame into a successful business.

Jessica: But licensing my name to a lot of products that I would then have to promote isn’t exactly how I want to spend my time.

Nick: But think of the upside. You would be building a brand with longevity, hedging your bets for the future.

Jessica: You mean in the future when I’m no longer as famous or as popular.

Nick: No, of course that’s not what I mean. You’ll be a star forever. But don’t you want to get a piece of the pie while the getting is good?

Jessica: I don’t know. What kind of merchandise are we talking about?

Nick: We can start with a clothing line and then branch out into household products, luggage, and even weight loss products.

Jessica: Weight loss products?! What are you implying?

Nick: Nothing! I didn’t mean weight loss products. I meant food – glamorous, beautiful food. See what I mean? The sky’s the limit!

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