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Lynda: Could I say one more thing about that?

Bruce: I’m afraid we’re running short on time. Maybe we could wrap up this discussion now.

Lynda: Before we leave this topic, though, I really think we should talk about next year’s plans.

Bruce: That’s outside the scope of this meeting. We can put it on the agenda for next time.

Lynda: But we won’t meet again for a month. We should spend some time talking about our plans for next year. I think we should consider closing the Irvine office and moving it to Franklin. It would save us a lot of money.

Bruce: If we get off on a tangent, we won’t be able to get through our discussion for today. Let’s try to get back on track and discuss the main focus of today’s meeting, which is how to end this year without any more problems. I feel like we’re getting close to making some decisions.

Lynda: We can’t make any decisions when there are still so many unresolved issues. Things are still up in the airbecause we don’t know what will happen next year. Any decisions we make now will be moot if our assumptions are wrong.

Bruce: I’m afraid we differ on that. I think we have enough information now to forge ahead. We can come to some tentative decisions and make any adjustments later. Should we take it to a vote?

Lynda: If you insist. I still think it’s premature.

Bruce: I’ll take that as a “no” vote.

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