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Angela: Wait! I need to put sunscreen on Davy before he goes to the game.

Juan: It’s not sunny today. He doesn’t need sunscreen.

Angela: And here are four water bottles to make sure he stays hydrated and doesn’t get heat stroke.

Juan: One of the other parents is bringing drinks for the kids. It’s fine. We don’t need that.

Angela: Make sure Davy warms up and cools down before and after the game. I don’t want him to strain or sprainanything.

Juan: The coach makes sure they do that. Are you done?

Angela: And here’s a first-aid kit in case he skins his knee or gets any other scrapes. We don’t want to risk infection.

Juan: The reason we signed up Davy for organized sports is that all of this is taken care of. There’s even a certified athletic trainer at each game, one of the parents.

Angela: But the other kids can be so rough. He comes home with bruises all the time. I can’t stand seeing him hurt.

Juan: Do you want to come to the game? You can see for yourself that everything is fine.

Angela: How can I watch Davy running into danger? I’d want to run onto the field and save him.

Juan: You’re right. It’s better that you stay here. If you did that, your son would never live it down!

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