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Oscar: So you’re back from your mother’s birthday dinner. How was it?

Priscilla: Same old, same old. It isn’t a family gathering without a major meltdown or blowup.

Oscar: Yikes, what happened?

Priscilla: You know how it is. It starts out with bickering and somebody taking offense at some slight or dig, or bringing up some old grievance.

Oscar: Well, that happens in most families.

Priscilla: Yeah, but in mine, they often turn into screaming matches. We all raise our voices and somebody always storms out.

Oscar: Even at your mother’s birthday dinner?

Priscilla: The occasion doesn’t matter. My mother tries to be the peacemaker, but it doesn’t take much for tempers to flare.

Oscar: That never happens in my family.

Priscilla: What?! Your family doesn’t fight when it gets together?

Oscar: No, we try to sweep things under the rug and put on a brave face.

Priscilla: What happens when you get mad at each other?

Oscar: Nothing.

Priscilla: What do you mean nothing?

Oscar: A lot of our family meals are eaten in stony silence.

Priscilla: Wow, I think I prefer our knock-down, drag- out fights!

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