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Butcher: Good morning. What can I get for you?

Samantha: I’d like some lamb chops, pork chops, and some beef, but I’m not sure which cuts I want yet.

Butcher: You’ve come to the right butcher shop. Everything here is fresh. Everything comes straight from the slaughterhouse.

Samantha: Um, I’m glad to hear that.

Butcher: In fact, we got in a shipment of game and poultry just this morning. You can buy them bone-in, boneless, or whole. They’re as fresh as if you got them from your own farm or brought them down with your own shotgun.

Samantha: Uh, that’s great. I see that you sell marinated and stuffed meats, too.

Butcher: Yes, we do. We even make our own sausages. We use only the freshest ingredients. They’re so fresh I wouldn’t be surprised if they got up and walked across the floor.

Samantha: Right. I think I’ll just take the chops for now.

Butcher: Are you sure? I can show you some of the best prime cuts of beef you’ll ever see. They’re so fresh you could...

Samantha: No, no, that’s all for now. I suddenly feel like a salad for dinner instead.

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