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Vladimir: We need a ceasefire. The violence is escalating and we need to put a stop to this.

Hilary: I agree, but do you think our enemies will agree to a truce?

Vladimir: They’re as embattled as we are. They may welcome a suspension of hostilities until we can agree on a peace treaty.

Hilary: I hate to think what their conditions will be for an armistice. This war has dragged on for so long.

Vladimir: I suspect they feel the same as we do. If we make a conciliatory gesture, I think they’ll respond in kind.

Hilary: Do you really think so? We won’t come off as weak?

Vladimir: I don’t think so. We’re taking the first step to peace. They’ll see that.

Hilary: If you say so. All right, let’s do it. This war with our neighbors is getting old. Do you want to bring them this fruitcake or should I?

Vladimir: I’ll take it, but first I’ll make sure their ugly, dirty, mean barking dog that wakes me up in the middle of the night is tied up. I don’t want to become a casualty while bringing them this peace offering!

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