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Oliver: I’ve just had to tell a client that I’m running behind and I won’t make the deadline.

Alena: How did she take it?

Oliver: Not so well, at first. I knew she wouldn’t be happy, so I’ve been in a dilemma for days: Should I tell her now that I’m going to miss the deadline, or wait until the deadline has passed.

Alena: For what it’s worth, I think you did the right thing. It gives her advance notice in case it affects other parts of her project.

Oliver: That’s what I thought, too. I also offered to make up for any inconvenience the delay would cause.

Alena: Did she take you up on it?

Oliver: No, she said that giving me a three-day extension wouldn’t set her back, but if it dragged on for longer than that, it would put her in an awkward spot, and she would let me know.

Alena: I’m glad you came to an understanding. So you’ll have it done by the new deadline, right?

Oliver: Yes, even if I have to do without sleep, food, or bathroom breaks for the next week.

Alena: That’s very dedicated of you, though potentially messy.

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