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Daily English 1001 - Practicing Yoga

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Victor: Humph!

Rosaria: What’s the matter?

Victor: I just got back from my first yoga class and I was sorely disappointed.

Rosaria: I’ve heard that yoga is very good low-impact exercise and helps with stress relief. It’s supposed to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

Victor: Yeah, right.

Rosaria: It sounds like you had a bad experience. Did you have a bad teacher?

Victor: The teacher was fine. I learned about mantras and chakras, I learned breathing techniques, and I tried a few basic poses.

Rosaria: That all sounds right from my own experience, such as it is. But, there are a lot of different types of yoga. Maybe you need to try a different kind.

Victor: The problem wasn’t the kind of yoga being practiced. It was the class.

Rosaria: Were the mats uncomfortable?

Victor: No.

Rosaria: Was it too cramped?

Victor: No.

Rosaria: Then what was the problem?

Victor: There was too much testosterone in the room.

Rosaria: You mean you were in a class with just men?

Victor: Yeah.

Rosaria: And that was a problem?

Victor: Do you think I would be taking a yoga class if I weren’t trying to meet women?!

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