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Daily English 1003 - Describing Duration

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:18
Explanation begins at: 3:18
Normal Speed begins at: 14:22

Kathryn: Are you still watching that movie? It’s been over three hours!

Martin: Yeah, it’s a little long for a feature film.

Kathryn: A little long?! It’s interminable. How can you continue to watch it?

Martin: Well, the first half was interesting and moved at a clip. The middle section did drag a little, but it’s picked up again. It’s nearly over.

Kathryn: I would’ve turned it off long before this. I like movies that are short and sweet. After about 90 minutes, my mind starts to wander, and after two hours, I check out.

Martin: It depends on the movie. Sometimes I watch a movie and it’s so engrossing that time zips by. With other movies, though, time moves at a snail’s pace. This movie is somewhere in between.

Kathryn: Hey, the credits are rolling. You missed the ending.

Martin: No big loss. I knew how it was going to end after the first hour.

Kathryn: Then why did you stick it out and watch the rest of the movie?

Martin: One word: procrastination.

Kathryn: Ah, enough said.

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