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Daily English 1005 - Complimenting Your Host

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Anton: Jenny, you’ve outdone yourself. This is quite a spread.

Jenny: Thank you. I’m glad you approve.

Anton: Approve? I think everything on this table looks exquisite and mouthwatering.

Jenny: That’s nice of you to say. I wanted everything to be perfect.

Anton: You’ve surpassed all expectations. If this food tastes even half as good as it looks, you’ll wow every guest.

Jenny: If you don’t stop complimenting me, I won’t be able to stop blushing.

Anton: I’m only just beginning, because you’re a vision in that dress.

Jenny: Oh, it’s nothing special.

Anton: Of course it’s special, but you could wear a sack and look ravishing.

Jenny: Okay, now I know you’re buttering me up. What gives?

Anton: Nothing, nothing at all. You’re so suspicious. I’m just giving you my candid opinion.

Jenny: If you say so. Where’s the camera you borrowed from me for your trip? Did you bring it?

Anton: Ah, the camera. Did I mention how much I admire that necklace you’re wearing?

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