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Daily English 1015 - Conducting a Search

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Security Chief: Okay, people. We’ve just had a report of a missing child on this property. We need to find him fast. I want you two to search every room in this building. Look in every nook and cranny.

Ramona: Excuse me, may I ask a question?

Security Chief: You can when I’m done. Now you two, I want you to look all over the grounds. Make sure you check in the undergrowth and in the trees, and cover the entire terrain.

Ramona: Do you mind if I ask...?

Security Chief: I’ll stay here to coordinate the search. Report in if you see anything that could point us in the right direction.

Ramona: I really think I should tell you...

Security Chief: Don’t interrupt, please. The rest of you: Spread out and look in the parking lot and behind the buildings. Look high and low. We’ll search this place from top to bottom and leave no stone unturned. Now, are there any questions?

Ramona: Yes, is the little boy about five years old with brown hair and glasses?

Security Chief: Yes, that’s right. How did you know?

Ramona: Don’t look now, but he’s just about to walk off with your Taser!

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