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Daily English 1017 - Driving an Off-Road Vehicle

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:32
Explanation begins at: 3:21
Normal Speed begins at: 16:18

Claudia: When you invited me to go for a drive, this wasn’t what I pictured.

Jae: You’re about to have the ride of your life. Get in and I’ll strap you in.

Claudia: What is this thing?

Jae: It’s an off-road vehicle. Haven’t you seen one before? It has four-wheel drive and can travel on any terrain.

Claudia: When you say “any terrain,” what exactly do you mean?

Jae: With this baby, we can drive on sand, gravel, mud, and even snow.

Claudia: You mean you intend to take me driving on sand and gravel?

Jae: Yeah, just wait until we start spinning and skidding. You’re going to love it. You’d better put on this crash helmet – just in case.

Claudia: I was picturing a drive in the country.

Jae: But this is much more exciting, right?

Claudia: I don’t know...

Jae: Come on. If you’re lucky, I’ll take you mudding next weekend.

Claudia: Whoopee.

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