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Daily English 1018 - Raising Teenagers

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Carl: Hi Marla, I’m really surprised to see you here. I didn’t know you had kids attending this high school.

Marla: I don’t – not yet. I heard about this meeting and decided to attend. It’s best to be ready for those teenage years, don’t you think?

Carl: Sure.

Marla: I heard that the principal is going to talk about different ways to handle our teenagers as they start asserting their independence. I want to be prepared.

Carl: That makes sense, I guess.

Marla: I mean, more and more teenagers are rebelling by getting tattoos and piercings and experimenting with drugs.

Carl: You’ve clearly done a lot of thinking about this.

Marla: I’ve read a few books on the topic, about kids having to deal with peer pressure. It’s my job as a parent to set boundaries and be stricter if it’s called for and ease up when my child needs space.

Carl: That’s all very insightful, but you have some time before all that comes into play, right?

Marla: My little Lucas is already four years old. Who knows when he might start hanging out with the wrong crowd and being led astray. A parent has to be vigilant.

Carl: Right.

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