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Daily English 1021 - Mental Disorders

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Dr. Miao: At Berthiaume College, we take mental health issues very seriously. That’s why we have so many mental health services on campus.

Dean: Such as?

Dr. Miao: Well, for example, there is a meeting tonight of our support group for anorexics and bulimics. Tomorrow night, I’ll be speaking to a group of students about depression to make them aware of the warning signs.

Dean: Those are very important issues.

Dr. Miao: Yes, they are. In this student health center, we see cases ranging from social anxiety disorder to schizophrenia. In addition to serious mental disorders, college students are at risk of developing many types of antisocial behaviors resulting from the pressures of college and the stress of being on their own.

Dean: I know what you mean. One of my roommates copes with stress by binge drinking. My other roommate has become obsessive-compulsive. You should see how clean our apartment is.

Dr. Miao: And you? How have you been dealing with the stress?

Dean: Me? I think I’m the only well-adjusted one in the group.

Dr. Miao: Are you sure? You seem to have developed a nervous habit of pulling your hairs out one at a time.

Dean: What?! No, I haven’t.

Dr. Miao: Denying you have a problem is often a sign that you have a problem.

Dean: That’s crazy!

Dr. Miao: Shh! We don’t use the c-word here. Come with me.

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