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Daily English 1026 - Marrying Young

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Irene: Damon and his girlfriend just got engaged. They’re planning on getting married this summer.

Ken: They’re too young! Marrying young poses all kinds of problems.

Irene: Such as?

Ken: Such as the two of them lacking maturity. They may think it’s fun to play house right now, but they’re not prepared to face the realities and responsibilities of matrimony.

Irene: I think you’re selling them short. They’ve been dating for two years and there’s no ideal age for marriage.

Ken: Yes, but we all know that marrying young will doom them to a life of regrets.

Irene: That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? A lot of people who marry young have successful marriages. I like the idea of growing old with your spouse. You can reach many of life’s milestones together.

Ken: Like reaching the legal drinking age?

Irene: Don’t be facetious. Getting married will give them stability and someone to lean on. I think they’ll be great as a married couple.

Ken: Well, I hope they beat the odds...or at least learn a lot for their second marriages.

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