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Daily English 1030 - Adopting a Pet

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Gabe: Why are we here? I thought we decided to put off getting a dog.

Rene: I know that’s what you’d like to do, but I thought a trip to the pound might convince you that this is the right time to adopt a dog. Look at this cute little dog. This card lists his breed and says that he was neglected and abandoned. How could you turn down a face like that?

Gabe: I don’t think he’s right for us. Let’s move on.

Rene: Look at this one. It says on his card that when they found him, he showed signs of abuse. Poor baby. How can you not be moved to take this little guy home?

Gabe: Let’s keep moving.

Rene: How about this little dog? I’d hate to see this little guy be put down. Here, pet her and look at her little face.

Gabe: This animal shelter isn’t going to put down these dogs. It’s a humane place.

Rene: They have no choice. They find so many strays that there’s no room to keep them. It’s so sad. It’s tragic, really.

Gabe: Maybe...

Rene: What did you say?

Gabe: I said maybe we could take one home, maybe two.

Rene: Really? Two would be great, but three would be better.

Gabe: Don’t push your luck!

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