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Daily English 1031 - Following a High-Profile Court Case

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Danny: Have you been following the Schirru case?

Carol: Yeah, I have. I think he’s guilty.

Danny: You’re kidding, right? He’s innocent and this is a show trial. The district attorney is conducting a witch-hunt for his own political ambitions.

Carol: No, he’s not. It is a high-profile case, but that’s only because he wants to make an example of Schirru. People like him should be off the streets. Putting him in jail sends a message to other criminals.

Danny: What kind of message?

Carol: The message that the government is cracking down.

Danny: I think it’s just grandstanding and Schirru is being made a sacrificial lamb.

Carol: You can believe what you like, but I think it’s great that the district attorney is taking a stand.

Danny: Yes, but he seems to be doing it at the expense of real justice.

Carol: Not from where I’m standing.

Danny: Then you need to find a new place to stand – preferably one without blind spots.

Category: Government + Law