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Daily English 1033 - Discussing a Victory or Loss

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Yolanda: Did you see the game last night?

Bob: You mean the crushing victory of my team over yours?

Yolanda: That’s not how I would characterize it. We fell short in the final seconds, but we played a good game up until then.

Bob: In your dreams. My team dominated from beginning to end. You’re just lucky that it wasn’t a complete blowout.

Yolanda: We would have won if the coach hadn’t decided to throw in the towel early. I think he just melted down under the pressure.

Bob: It’s easy for you to play Monday morning quarterback, but I don’t think anything would have saved your team from going down in flames.

Yolanda: There’s a rematch in three weeks, you know.

Bob: And my team will whup your team again, no question.

Yolanda: You can trash talk all you like. We’ll see if you’re still smiling after my team wipes the floor with yours!

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