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Daily English 1041 - Being Rescued

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Explanation begins at: 3:17
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Irma: Do you really think we’ll be rescued? It’s been six hours and I’m losing hope.

Bert: It’s hard to say. I’m sure search and rescue teams are looking for us as we speak.

Irma: But what if they don’t come in time? We didn’t bring any provisions and we’re almost out of water.

Bert: You’re afraid of starvation and dying of thirst? I think we’d die from hypothermia or exposure to the elements first.

Irma: Thanks. I hadn’t thought of that until you mentioned it. Hey, I think that’s the sound of a helicopter.

Bert: You’re hearing things. That’s not a helicopter.

Irma: I think I hear search and rescue dogs. I think they’re onto our scent!

Bert: I think you’re starting to hallucinate. I don’t hear anything.

Irma: Can’t you just humor me? I’m trying to keep hope alive.

Bert: Oh, sure. Hey, I think I hear something.

Irma: You do?

Bert: Yeah, it’s Santa Claus on his sleigh.

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