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Daily English 1043 - TV Shows Being Renewed and Cancelled

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Mo: I have some bad news: Your favorite TV show has been cancelled.

Amy: I’m not surprised. Ratings plummeted last season, so the writing was on the wall.

Mo: Also on the chopping block is your favorite reality show: American Idiots.

Amy: Oh no, not American Idiots, too! I thought it was gaining ground in the ratings after a slow start.

Mo: Unfortunately, it stayed a cult favorite and never garnered a large enough viewership to be renewed.

Amy: I’ll have nothing to watch next season.

Mo: You can watch some of my shows. All of my favorites are being renewed, with one taking a short hiatus.

Amy: A short hiatus? We all know what that means.

Mo: What are you implying?

Amy: The network will put in a mid-season replacement, and if it does well, you’ll never see your show again.

Mo: That’s not true. You’re just saying that because your shows got the ax.

Amy: No, I’m not. That show is on its last legs. Mark my words.

Mo: Well, even if it’s true, I still have something to watch, for now.

Amy: What are you watching right now?

Mo: A show called Podsters. It’s a reality show where a bunch of podcasters live in a house together and are watched 24 hours a day.

Amy: I’ve never heard of anything so inane. Who cares about the lives of podcasters? They must be the most boring people in the world.

Mo: You might have a point there.

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