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Daily English 1046 - Types of Luggage

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Driver: Ma’am, where would you like these suitcases?

Leona: The three wheeled suitcases should go next to the bed, and the garment bag should be hung up in the closet. Where is my expandablebag?

Driver: Do you mean this duffel bag?

Leona: Yes. You can leave that right there. Hmm, where is my carry-on? All I see is my checked baggage. I thought I gave you my carry-on, too.

Driver: You did, ma’am, and it’s right here.

Leona: Oh, good. When can I expect my trunk to arrive?

Driver: Your trunk? You had a trunk?

Leona: Yes, I had a trunk. Didn’t you see it at the airport?

Driver: Uh no, I must have overlooked it.

Leona: You mean you left behind my trunk?! Who knows what has become of it by now!

Driver: I’m sure I’ll be able to find it and deliver it here to you.

Leona: I knew I should have used a luggage forwarding service.

Driver: You might consider traveling light next time, ma’am.

Leona: What did you say?!

Driver: Nothing! I’m going to fetch your trunk as we speak.

Leona: I should hope so!

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