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Daily English 1049 - Buying Theater Tickets

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Susie: I can’t believe I’m going to get to see my favorite actor in a play. I want front row seats!

David: I’m looking at the venue’s seating plan right now and all front row seats are taken for the entire run. I’m guessing that season ticket holders got those.

Susie: Damn! All right. Let’s try to get seats as close to the stage as possible, preferably in the orchestra.

David: The only orchestra tickets still available have partially obstructed views.

Susie: Okay, we’ll take those.

David: But we won’t be able to see the entire stage. These tickets in the loge or mezzanine, or even the balcony will give us a better view of the play.

Susie: I don’t need to see every part of the play. I just want to get as close to him as possible.

David: Wait one second. I see two seats in the second row still available for the matinee performance. Oh no, those are seats for wheelchair access.

Susie: That’s great! We’ll take those.

David: But neither of us needs wheelchair access.

Susie: I’ll break a leg if I have to to get that close to him.

David: Do the words “obsessed fan” mean anything to you?

Susie: You can call it obsession, but I call it devotion!

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