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Daily English 1050 - Describing Stomach Problems

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There’s nothing I enjoy more than spending a couple of hours relaxing at a cafe. I sit drinking my tea and reading. What could be better?

Woman: So I think I may have to see a doctor soon. You know I’ve had these terrible pains in my stomach. My digestion is terrible and now I think I might have an ulcer!

Well, I was having a relaxing time until I started overhearing the woman at the next table talking loudly on her cell phone.

Woman: No, I don’t think it could be lactose intolerance. My bowels are working fine. I don’t have the runs or feel constipated. I just get a really upset stomach and these terrible pains.

This was definitely not a conversation I wanted to listen to. I looked around for another table, somewhere I could escape to.

Woman: Yes, I do feel some heartburn and bloating. Do you really think it could be acid reflux? I do have a problem with too much gas and burping a lot. Will an antacid help, do you think?

By this time, I was in panic mode. If I didn’t get away from this woman soon, I’d surely be sick to my stomach!

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