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Daily English 1151 - Working as a Street Performer

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Giancarlo: Whoa, where are you going? I thought we were going to hang out.

Alana: I’m going to work.

Giancarlo: Work? I didn’t know you got a job.

Alana: I’m busking on Main Street.

Giancarlo: You mean you’re panhandling? That’s not working.

Alana: I’m not panhandling. I’m working for tips. I perform, try to draw a crowd, and then pass the hat.

Giancarlo: Can you really make money that way?

Alana: You’d be surprised. I got the idea from Danielle and her friends. A group of them do street theater and comedy routines. A friend of theirs juggles and does acrobatics. Another guy does magic tricks.

Giancarlo: And they do all this on the street? Don’t they get hassled by the cops?

Alana: The cops occasionally tell them to move along or tell the crowd to disperse, but if they’re respectful and nobody complains, they get left alone. Hey wait, where are you going?

Giancarlo: I’m going with you. I want to give this street performing a try.

Alana: What can you do?

Giancarlo: I’m a man of many talents.

Alana: Are you?

Giancarlo: Don’t look so surprised!

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