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Daily English 1157 - Describing Nudity

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Venus: Kids, cover your eyes! Don’t look at that. I didn’t know there would be nudity here. Why did you bring us here?

Milo: I brought you here to see this celebration of the beauty of the human form.

Venus: This is obscene! Look at the bare breasts on that one and the one over there is topless. That man’s private parts are on display for everyone to see. Most of these are butt naked!

Milo: Can’t you see past the nudity to appreciate the artists’ creations?

Venus: I’m not one of those people who go to nude beaches and run around in their birthday suit completely uninhibited. This is shameful!

Milo: This isn’t a nude beach. It’s a museum. Your kids are here to appreciate some of the finest art in history.

Venus: I don’t call this art. I call it pornography. I’m taking my kids out of here. Oh my God, there are full frontals wherever you look! Kids, keep your eyes covered. We’re leaving.

Milo: All right, but I was just trying to open your kids’ eyes to art.

Venus: You’ve opened their eyes all right, and I’m slamming them shut!

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