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Daily English 1158 - Cold Weather Complaints

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Boris: Come on, keep climbing! This is the best exercise you’ll get all winter.

Kay: My face hurts and I can’t stop shivering.

Boris: If we pick up the pace, you’ll warm up.

Kay: I doubt it. I can feel my core body temperature dipping. I feel hypothermia coming on.

Boris: Don’t be silly. You’re dressed in layers, with fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin and insulates your body from the cold. The worst you’re going to get are dry skin and cracked lips.

Kay: Then why do I feel pins and needles in my hands and numbness in my feet?

Boris: Maybe you’re just getting used to the cold. You’ll feel warmer in a minute.

Kay: But what if they’re signs of frostbite? I think I’ll turn back before I freeze.

Boris: And miss out on these awe-inspiring winter views?

Kay: I prefer the awe- inspiring views of a blazing fire!

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