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Daily English 1159 - Describing the Fit of Clothing

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Vera: How do these pants look on me?

Wang: Uh, aren’t they a little too tight? They look like they’re cutting off circulation in your legs.

Vera: They’re a little snug, but they show off my curves, don’t they?

Wang: I suggest going up a size. Something a little less form fitting would be a lot more comfortable.

Vera: I’m not going for comfort. I’m going for style.

Wang: Here, try these pants. They’re looser and offer more room.

Vera: These don’t show my shape at all. They’re not in the least flattering.

Wang: But you can move in them without busting a seam.

Vera: You’re missing the point. I want to look good in these pants no matter what.

Wang: Spoken like a true slave to fashion!

Category: Clothing + Grooming