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Daily English 1167 - Birth Order and Sibling Rivalries

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Nancy: Isn’t this a great time of year? Families get together over the holidays.

Yasmani: Maybe it’s nice for some families, but I dread my family get-togethers.

Nancy: How come?

Yasmani: I have a big family and there has always been a lot of sibling rivalry.

Nancy: I’m sure that was true when you were growing up, but you’ve all grown out of it, haven’t you?

Yasmani: Not us. The firstborn still thinks he’s in charge, the middle children still act up to get attention, and the baby of the family is still rebellious.

Nancy: That’s true in a lot of families.

Yasmani: Yes, but when we get together, we compete to show up the others. We brag, argue, and nitpick. It’s rather pathetic, actually.

Nancy: How do your parents handle all that?

Yasmani: They’ve always left us to our own devices. We just fight it out amongst ourselves.

Nancy: So, there’s no loving bond between the siblings.

Yasmani: Oh, we love each other, but we compete with other, too. It’s complicated.

Nancy: Then I should be glad to be an only child?

Yasmani: That’s right. Count your blessings!

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