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Daily English 1170 - Naming Children

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Celeste: So, here is my shortlist.

Albert: A shortlist for what?

Celeste: Baby names.

Albert: We have months to decide. Don’t you think we should wait?

Celeste: No, I want to be prepared. Here, take a look. See what you think.

Albert: Ezekiel?! You want to name our child Ezekiel? He’ll be teased by every kid in school.

Celeste: It’s a family name. I was trying to appease my parents. They’ve been suggesting a lot of family names. We could call him by a nickname, maybe “Zeke.”

Albert: I’m not naming my child Ezekiel. His name would be Ezekiel Eckleman. That’s a mouthful. I also want to steer clear of alliterative names. I’ve never liked them.

Celeste: Okay, are there any names you like on my list?

Albert: Not Alan Phillip. That’s for sure.

Celeste: Why not? I thought we’d name the baby after my grandfather. Alan is a nice first name and Phillip is a nice middle name.

Albert: His initials would be “A.P.E.” – ape! He would never live that down.

Celeste: How about “Mikol”?

Albert: You mean an alternate spelling for “Michael”? People don’t know how to pronounce a name with an odd spelling.

Celeste: Well, are there any names you do like?

Albert: Albert Eckleman Junior has a nice ring to it.

Celeste: As you say, we have months to decide. Let’s keep an open mind.

Albert: Humph!

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