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Daily English 1173 - Flying on a Budget Airline

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Anton: It’s amazing that we were able to get these airline tickets so cheaply.

Federica: It’s great, isn’t it? We can fly to Lawrence City for a fun weekend. Let’s check in using this kiosk.

Anton: Hmm, this is asking me to pay $50 to bring a piece of luggage aboard. I didn’t know there were such strict baggage restrictions.

Federica: I didn’t realize it either.

Anton: And we have to pay another fee to reserve a seat. I didn’t know that the default was open seating.

Federica: Me, neither.

Anton: Did you know that we’re not flying directly to Lawrence City, but making two stops on the way?

Federica: Oh, no!

Anton: And there are other hidden fees for what they consider add- ons, things we would normally get for free on other airlines, like a soda, snack, blanket, andin-flight entertainment?

Federica: No, that’s news to me.

Anton: Here’s the kicker. We’re not flying into Lawrence City Airport but to a remote airport 60 miles away. We’ll pay a lot for ground transportation to our hotel. Should we get a refund and forget about the trip?

Federica: Sorry, one thing I do know is that there are no refunds or changes allowed.

Anton: I should have known flying on a budget airline would be like this. It doesn’t seem like such a good deal now, does it?

Federica: No, this airline has turned nickel-and- diming into an art form!

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