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Daily English 1175 - Getting a Fresh Start

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Nico: I’m moving to Atlanta. I want a fresh start.

Celia: This is a surprise. I thought you were going to stick it out here and try to put the past behind you.

Nico: There are too many reminders here. I want a clean slate. What’s done is done and I’m tired of blame and recriminations.

Celia: I’m glad to hear you’ve stopped beating yourself up over what’s happened, but are you sure moving away will help you move on?

Nico: The world is my oyster now, isn’t it? I can live anywhere I want to and do anything I want to.

Celia: I guess so, but are you sure you want to uproot and leave town?

Nico: I’m not trying to reinvent myself, but if I’m going to start over, I might as well do it in a new town.

Celia: I guess a new town is a good place to start a new life and maybe you’ll find a new love. Many people bounce back from a difficult divorce.

Nico: I’ve sworn off women. The only female I want in my life right now is my dog Fifi!

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