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Daily English 1177 - Pedestrian Safety

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Rueben: I never imagined walking our daughter to school could be so dangerous.

Carla: What happened?

Rueben: We were walking on the sidewalk approaching the intersection. The crossing guard was there to stop traffic so we could cross the street. We were halfway through the designated crosswalk when a guy driving like a demon whips around the corner.

Carla: And he didn’t stop at the stop sign?

Rueben: No, he didn’t even slow down.

Carla: Didn’t he see the crossing guard or the other pedestrians?

Rueben: There are several big trees there, so it’s a blind corner with limited visibility.

Carla: Still, he should have stopped. Was anyone hurt?

Rueben: No, we were able to get out of his way, but he could have easily taken out five or six people!

Carla: That’s crazy. What we need are flashing crosswalk signs. Maybe that would get drivers’ attention.

Rueben: And maybe armor for our daughter, too?

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