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Daily English 1179 - Reading Food Labels

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Amy: Put a big bag of those potato chips in the basket.

Giorgio: Have you read the nutritional label on these chips?

Amy: No, but look. This doesn’t have very much saturated fat, trans fat, or sodium.

Giorgio: Look at the serving size. It’s three potato chips. How often do you stop at three chips?

Amy: Okay, no potato chips. I’ll get this package of cookies. There aren’t many calories or carbohydrates in these or much cholesterol or sugar either.

Giorgio: Look again. The serving size is one cookie. There are 40 cookies in each container.

Amy: Not everything has to be healthy and good for me.

Giorgio: No, but you have to get your protein and fiber from somewhere. If you look at the percent daily value on the things you’re eating, you’re not getting the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs.

Amy: This isn’t all I eat. I eat other things, too.

Giorgio: Like pizza, hamburgers, and fries?

Amy: I might not have the best diet, but I’m healthy as a horse.

Giorgio: Maybe a horse ready to be put out to pasture!

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