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Daily English 1181 - Making a Comeback

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Eileen: What are you doing with all that band equipment?

Dex: The guys in the band are planning a reunion. It’s time for our comeback. It will be the stuff of legends!

Eileen: Aren’t you afraid of being called has- beens after all these years?

Dex: Bite your tongue. There is a groundswell of support for this reunion and we’re not going to disappoint the fans.

Eileen: Groundswell? Are you referring to that local news article about one-hit wonders asking, “Where are they now?”

Dex: There was a lot of good response to my quote about our possible reunion. After a 20-year hiatus, I think fans are ready for more music from us. It should lead to a tour.

Eileen: Resurrecting your music career might be harder than you guys think.

Dex: Stop being such a killjoy. This reunion could lead to an entire new generation of fans.

Eileen: Or you could become the laughingstock of the music world.

Dex: Okay, that’s enough. You’re officially out of the band.

Eileen: I didn’t know I was in the band.

Dex: I had considered making you a backup singer, but I can’t deal with your negativity.

Eileen: Oh, poor me. I’ll never find stardom.

Dex: You’ve had your chance!

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