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Daily English 1183 - Air and Water Pollution

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Julia: Stop poisoning us! Stop poisoning us!

Robert: Why are you picketing in front of this factory?

Julia: This factory is polluting our air and water. They’re responsible for contaminating the environment with dangerous chemicals and waste.

Robert: But your entire family works here. Aren’t you concerned you’ll cause trouble for them and the other workers?

Julia: What’s more important is their health. The air quality in and out of this factory is at toxic levels and it’s endangering their health, not to mention what it’s doing to the ozone.

Robert: That’s terrible. Maybe I should help you picket.

Julia: Here’s a sign.

Robert: Okay, but maybe picketing is taking things a little too far.

Julia: No way! Did you know that runoff from the factory has tainted the groundwater? Did you know that workers and people in the community are breathing in dangerous particulate matter?

Robert: I didn’t know that. Do you have proof of all that?

Julia: Of course I have proof. Environmental groups have done independent tests.

Robert: Then it’s actually dangerous for me to be standing here talking to you and breathing in this toxic air.

Julia: That’s true and your willingness to help me picket is really commendable. Hey, where are you going?

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